Bulgaria offers plenty of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding

With roughly 40 percent of the territory belonging the highlands type, Bulgaria has plenty of areas to offer for skiing and snowboarding. 37 mountains are officially listed as geographical objects, the country is the centre of snowy sports activity on the Balkans. At least 40 separate winter resort exist and operate every season but most of the places happen to be little-known even by the local people what about foreign tourists.

But the Top 3 of the Bulgarian centres for skiing and snowboarding established their fame among winter vacationers all around Europe. Bansko has been considered the Number One snowy holiday retreat in the country for the last decades with Borovets and Pamporovo running closely in terms of gaining in popularity on an international level.

These sites lead the rank of the most expensive inns by the national standards but among European mountain tourist sites happen to be among the most affordable. The price of the daily lift pass for Bansko amounts to less than 30 Euro and it’s even cheaper for Borovets and Pamporovo. A recent ranking of the most attractive places for skiing and snowboarding in terms of expense puts the Pirin mountain town on 4th position on the continent with an average daily budget below 100 Euro.

Among the Top 3 Borovets is not only the oldest but also the most accessible. The Rila mountain resort stays only 70 km away from Sofia. The transportation may take about an hour from the biggest airport in the country while the trip to Bansko lasts around three hours. Pamporovo is located even further from the capital but their charter flights bringing tourist to Plovdiv during the winter and the second most populated city in Bulgaria is an hour away from the Rhodope skiing and snowboarding pride.

White slopes for everyone

Skiing and Snowboarding in Bulgaria

Every resort among the three best known in Bulgaria offers different pistes varying in difficulties. Bansko has the green type so do Borovets and Pamporovo to welcome the rookies but all the vacation sites also attract the pros to the challenge of the Black type tracks. Recently Bansko leads in the combined length of the slopes summing up to 75 km but it may be soon outrun by Pamporovo which extend to nearby Mechi Chal camp to form the largest winter centre on the Balkans.

Some of the best deals for a winter holiday in Bulgaria can be found heregoo.gl/foF4fs. Actually, local skiers have more favourite places than the Top 3 alone. Near Bansko, for example, a popular option appear in the village of Dobrinishte. Chepelare is the birthplace of the World cup holder in snowboarding parallel slalom Radoslav Yankov and is located just 15 km away from Pamporovo. Sofia neighbours the Vitosha mountain ranked the cheapest among European ski resorts. Among all 37 highlands in the country, there are more than dozen options for skiing and snowboarding in Stara Planina and also on the hills of smaller mountains like the Osogovo. The low-profile resorts are more affordable but Bansko, Pamporovo, and Borovets guarantee for the quality of service.

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