Cheap winter holidays 2018: Bulgaria vs. Slovenia

Go east if you search for a ski holiday on a restricted budget. The Alps are vast, and you can find quite affordable options in the heart of the continent, but most of the Central and Western European winter resorts require significant expenditure. It’s not that heavy on your wallet if you head to the Balkans. Among several possible territories, two are those to stand out depending on your preferences. Bulgaria ski holidays happen to be the pick of thousands of tourists in the past decade. And on the other end of the Balkan Peninsula (and actually, a bit out of it in the strict geographic sense) you can find the charm of the Slovenia skiing vacation.

Bulgaria: The most affordable mountains

skiing holidays to Bulgaria
Skiing Winter holiday to Bulgaria

Some would argue that skiing in Romania or Macedonia (FYROM) might turn out to be cheaper than Bulgaria. Speaking of top-level resorts, opting for Bulgaria ski holidays brings to a higher note compared to the most prominent winter sports zones of the country’s neighbors. Among the lands with a World Cup fame and available cheap winter holidays Bulgaria boasts with the best value of money for the service and the conditions. It is real to book a whole week at Bansko or Pamporovo for less than 300 GBP concerning the accommodation. When it comes to the hotel cost, it is hard to find cheaper deals than those of the leading Bulgaria ski holidays destinations.

The price is not the advantage of the country’s top winter sports areas put next to the most famous Slovenia ski resorts. The mountains in Bulgaria are the highest on the map of the peninsula, and the length of the Alpine runs is greater. It’s not just cheap skiing holidays 2018 winter will give if you pick to travel almost to the edge of the continent. The top 3 destinations among Bulgaria ski holidays – Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo, are all situated over the altitude of 1000 m and the most of the ski zones is spread higher than 1500 m above the sea level. It means that the temperature will be low enough to hold the snow for three to four-and-a-half months. Compared to the famous Slovenia skiing zones, Bulgaria comes up with a larger summed length of the tracks. A simple comparison among the most prominent resorts in both states should say enough for that matter – Bansko has more than 75 km of Alpine runs, while Kranjska Gora which can be proud with a much longer World Cup history would hardly sum up to the half of that number.


Slovenia skiing holidays – one pass pays it all

Slovenia winter holiday
Winter mountain holidays to Slovenia

This is where Slovenia ski resorts undoubtedly beat the Eastern Balkan competition. Bulgaria ski holidays might be much cheaper regarding the accommodation but except partially concerning the combined zone of Pamporovo and Mechi Chal you have to pay a separate lift pass for every place you visit. The cheap winter holidays on the slopes of the Julian Alps are much tempting with the options to use the ski card at more than one place. One day you might decide to slalom at Vogel zone, and the other day might be dedicated for downhill at Kranjska Gora – the price covers both areas.

Well, the leading Slovenia ski resorts are located much closer to each other since the country makes for less than one-fifth of the Bulgarian territory. The small land set between the northwestern corner of the Balkans (it’s not really a Balkan state like Bulgaria) and the Alpine heart of Europe are convenient to travel around since the distances are short and it takes a half hour drive for the transport between Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. The drawback might be found where the advantages of the Bulgaria ski holidays stand out. Slovenia ski resorts are set on a lower altitude which doesn’t make the snow melt fast because the climate is harsh enough during the winter. But the length of the tracks is something that Slovenia skiing vacation cannot thumbed-up about.


What about life away from the slopes?

Which country is better? It depends on what you look for out of the skiing conditions. Searching for cheap winter holidays around a lake will definitely send you to Slovenia – Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj charm with dazzling beauty. You cannot find that feature picking Bulgaria ski holidays, but the mountains are nevertheless gorgeous. If the cuisine is the component to take into the account for the cheap skiing holidays 2018 end of the year agenda you have, it’s still not easy to say which land worth it more. Tasting Bansko’s Kapama or Bled cream cake? If you can have it both, that’s the best choice. Well, you can hardly have it the same winter. But if you want après-ski variety and exciting nightlife, Bulgaria ski holidays might be more suitable. If you are more about the romantics or the relaxation during the winter break, Slovenia ski resorts will surely make you feel satisfied.

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