Great family discounts for the winter in Bulgaria

A winter vacation represents one of the perfect ways for families to spend some time together in peace and joy. The snowy months on the Balkans always bring special delights on the table or on the slopes, and the deals are up for grabs in the best resorts of Bulgaria and Slovenia. The family discounts for the winter season 2017/2018 deserve to be noticed and why not experienced by you and your most beloved people.

The travelling to Bulgaria in the cold means spending less for the kids. If the whole kin goes on holidays, one child in the age span 2-11 will not be charged for accommodation. Ten hotels in Bansko offer a free place for a kid so mummy and daddy have to care less about the budget. Borovets and Pamporovo also provide several lodgings on the list with availability for that option – search for “Free Kids” logo to be sure you have spotted the right place. Or check out here for the special offers. During the winter season, this type of family discount isn’t available only for the New Year’s Eve week and for the week of Valentine’s Day (12-18 February).

Skiing Discounts and Savings

Even teenagers are available for reduction of the price – in some hotels for children younger than 16 the payment can go down 50 percent if they share a suite with a pair of adults on a full fare. The best deals undoubtedly expect the big families and the kids will be charged a significantly lower for many types of entertainment, not only accommodation. But if you are a single parent, don’t feel neglected because there are alternatives for you too – if the child or the children are accompanied by only one adult, savings still can be found and the search for the special logo is essential.

Exquisite offers for skiing happen to be on the menu of every top ski resort in Bulgaria. It can be free ski school or club for a minor in Bansko. Or kindergarten on the snow in Pamporovo for kiddos of 5-7 age span if parents book in advance Full packs for skiing or snowboarding. Pre-booked lift pass for an adult in Borovets brings another on free of charge for one child if the family is accommodated in Hotel Rila for example.

Slovenia waits for you with free packs for skiing

Not only Bulgaria attracts guests with great family discounts. Slovenia has many beauties and delights to offer and among all special prizes, the free packs for skiing or boarding are there to be found. The offer in Kranjska Gora or the resorts in the area of the Julian Alps is directed to 4-members families at least – if the everyone from the group gets equipment and enrols for tuition, one of the kids receive the service without being charged.

Most of the responsible parents are aware that insurance is must when it comes to family trips. Not a good idea to get rid of such expense but why not pay less for it? Exclusive insurance options are available on the list of the family discounts and children younger than 17 are subjects of lower fares.

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