6 things that you should know before visiting Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

The Black Sea grew in popularity among the western tourists in the last two decades and one of the most famous resorts in the area – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, takes a big share of the credit for the rise. An increasing number of Brits and other European travelers choose the destination that has been largely unknown before the Iron Curtain fell. There are several good reasons to try the Sunny Beach holidays if you have never been on this trip before. What do you need to know before that?

  1. This is the best-valued seaside resort

sunny beach hotels are the best value hotelsThis is not an overstatement but a fact confirmed by source out of the country. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays rank the list in terms of the ratio between the money paid for the vacation and the quality delivered to the guests for the price. This is the seaside resort of the best value – not only on the Black Sea, all around Europe. Such a conclusion was made up by the research conducted by Post Office in 2017 and not much has changed since then.


The affordable cost of the Sunny Beach hotels has a lot of weight for such ranking but weighs really light on the pocket – you can find some of the best deals HERE. If you have never been there, the opportunity to book a week-long stay for less than 250 GBP per person would sound crazy! But it is a real thing discovered by more and more people every summer. In Bulgaria, Sunny Beach hotels are not the only cheap deal you can take. Where else you would find a three-course lunch for roughly 10 to 15 GBP? And the local beer at the restaurants costs not more than 1,5-2 GBP. The Post office survey calculated that a person needs less than 40 GBP (accommodation fee excluded) for a day. A cab in London might cost you more!


  1. They call it Slanchaka

Well, this is not the official local name. The resort was founded six decades ago and was called Slanchev Bryag which is literally translated as Sunny Coast or Sunny Beach. Slanchak is the colloquial name Bulgarian people refer to the most famous seaside resort in their country. And they book the Sunny Beach holidays a lot too. But it doesn’t mean that you have to go through a language course to get well for your vacation at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Most of the young people who work at the stores, restaurants, and bars have a decent command of English speech. And the personnel at the Sunny Beach hotels is obliged to know and speak the language. Well, it won’t hurt you to learn common words and phrases like ‘Zdravey’ (Hello), ‘Dobar den’ (Good afternoon) and ‘Blagodarya’ (Thank you).



  1. They call the ‘Balkan Ibiza’

sunny beach bulgaria welcomes DJ and artist from all over the world

Here is one of the main reason why Sunny Beach, Bulgaria has grown so much in popularity since the turn of the century. This is one of the leading party destinations in Europe now, compared indeed with the notorious Spanish resort located at the island of Mallorca. Sunny Beach definitely shares similarities with Ibiza on many levels – you can dance on the beach all night and there are numerous clubs and discos working till dawn. And it’s loud, too loud for the sensibility of people looking for a quiet vacation. There are also legions of noisy youths on the streets wasted by too much cheap booze. Well, maybe not legion but there is a plenty of that kind. If you long for silent nights, Sunny Beach holidays are probably not the most suitable holidays for you.


  1. The beach is 5 miles long

Not the longest on the Black Sea but definitely one of the most favorite. So the loudness might not be what you will look for but the beach at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria undoubtedly worth the trip. The sands are fine, the water is warm and the weather is favorable till mid-September – sometimes the season lasts even longer. Here is another tip – most clubs shut the doors a few days or a week after the end of August. So booking a stay at some of the Sunny Beach hotels offered by Balkan Holidays between 5th and 20th September might turn out to be a great deal both in terms of the price and the experience.


  1. Cruise or Safari? It’s in the menu

There are various activities available at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria except for sunbathing and swimming, exceNessebar, Bulgaria is near by Sunny Beachpt for the dancing and drinking too. Water sports are widely practiced near the beach around the resort but you can also book a cruise tour in the sea in a daylight or even hit the party boat for the night. Safari ride might also be a pick to make your vacation more interesting, it would not take long to reach nearby forest around Stara Planina. The aquaparks represent another great option to spend your time having fun – there are several pools with slides and the kids will enjoy attractions like the hydrohute and the twister.

You might think that visiting a historical site is out of reach during the Sunny Beach holidays. But guess what – Nessebar is located only 10 minutes away from the resort and the Old Town area is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site.

  1. You will miss visiting Sofia

Unless you want to see the Bulgarian capital at a close, there is no use to get around anywhere near Sofia if you are about to book one of the Sunny Beach hotels. The biggest city in the country is situated 400 km away from the resort and it takes more than 4 hours drive to reach from one place to the other. Bourgas is the airport you need to book for a vacation to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – the transfer after the landing of the plane usually lasts about a half hour and it is included in the price if your reservation is made through Balkan Holidays.

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