Golden Sands, Bulgaria 2018 [The ultimate guide]

One truly golden opportunity waits for you this summer and you can recognize it by the name. Picking Golden Sands, Bulgaria for a week-long vacation might turn to be an adventure to be remembered for a lifetime. The most prominent resort on the northern part of the country’s coastline has been a popular choice back in the Iron Curtain age when it attracted predominantly tourists from Eastern Europe but in recent times the place, known as Zlatni Pyasatsi in the native language, pools an increasing number of western travelers, especially Brits.


It’s in the North but is it cold


Definitely not, speaking of the summer period. Even during the winter the snow happens to be a rare occasion on the Varna area coast. Being located in the northern Bulgarian coastline does not mean that Golden Sands beach is lukewarm in the middle of the year. In July and August, the average temperature rises to 25 degrees and more, the water is warm enough to spend hours swimming and relaxing in the Black Sea. Well, performing the last action literally will put you at risk of sunburns so you have to spend some time under the parasol.


Golden Sands beach is really one of the greatest not only in Bulgaria but on the Black Sea as a whole. The name speaks for itself even being first used for the natural park neighboring the resort. The fine sands stretch for more than 3,5 km and the widest section of the beach – enough space to put your towel on. Or choose a sunbed – thousands of them can be found near the sea.

Finding the perfect place to stay in isn’t that effortless if the attempt to book is made a week or less before your vacation. Being a popular spot for tourists from all around Europe, Golden Sands, Bulgaria hotels occur to be packed for the high season. Considering to visit one of the most prominent resorts in the Black Sea, you better a reservation earlier, especially when the best deals of Balkan Holidays Summer 2018 are on display. Hesitating too long might make you miss the greatest shots on the list.


Scroll along the all-inclusive deals… and pick one for yourself

All inclusive deals from Balkan Holidays are the best value this summer 2018!

In Bulgaria, Golden Sands is among the resorts providing practically almost the full spectrum of accommodation. Even 2-star hotels are available in the village on the cheapest end and the switch goes to the luxury section when you hear about places like Hotel Admiral or Hotel Imperial. Remarkable enough to be mentioned is the fact that several 5-star Golden Sands, Bulgaria hotels have the availability to provide all-inclusive options to the clients. Reserving a suite in Hotel Riviera Beach for less than 550 GBP per person for a week sounds great, didn’t it, especially when concerning family vacation? Melia Hotel Grand Hermitage holidays in the top level of accommodation happen to be even more affordable.


Prices in that range aren’t available in many other the 5-star houses beside the Golden Sands, Bulgaria hotels. The package holidays at even more affordable cost wait for those planning on more budget oriented travel. Can anyone from Birmingham imagine that booking an apartment for three persons would cost a little bit more than 300 GBP each for 7 days with the buffet food included for the whole day? There is more than imagination and dreams about that when it comes to Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays.


The deal that will suit you the best should be linked with fast transportation and inexpensive plane tickets. Beware that certain bargains are available for bookings connected with flights from an exact airport and do not apply for another air transport hub. In the process of booking your Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays make sure that you choose a plane to Varna. The airport is only about half hour away from the resort and with Balkan Holidays deals the transfer to the hotel is free.


Varna worth a trip… and there is much more to be seen around


The biggest city on the Bulgarian coastline might not be the place you would stay at for a peaceful vacation but definitely is recommended for a half-day trip during your holidays on Golden Sands beach. The Dolphinarium is the main attraction for visitors and a walk around the seaside park is a nice way to spend an hour or two.


At least half-dozen venues worth to be visited around the resort can be pinned on the map. And the nearest object in Bulgaria Golden Sands is within reach to is… Golden Sands once again. It’s the natural park bearing the same name we mean which is walking distance away from the Golden Sands beach. Actually, that area was named Zlatni Pyasatsi before the seaside resort was built and established and in 2018 is the time to celebrate the 75th anniversary since the park was proclaimed as a protected land.


Driving for another half hour (but not to the south to reach Varna) but to the north is the short trip you will take to get to Balchik. A beautiful little town with interesting history, a real royal palace, and botanic garden. Well, once you step on the Golden Sands beach, you might not want to move anywhere, but in case of considering to change the air for several hours, a number of alternatives appear on the list.


The resort provides numerous options to the guests for nightlife adventures but in Bulgaria Golden Sands is regarded to be calmer compared to the passion of Sunny Beach, for example. With plenty of bars and discos, no one can complain about being short of party choices. On the other hand, those wishing to enjoy one relaxing vacation should not worry about the noise and the loud crowd. The summer resort that suits almost everyone is to be found in the north of Bulgaria – Golden Sands might be your hit for the 2018 season. And now you know why it is so popular all around the continent.




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